RV Maintenance Tips for your RV in Oroville, CA


With the average cost of a new RV sneaking up on the six figure mark, they often cost more than many homes. Preventative care and maintenance can keep costly repairs to a minimum. Below are a few RV maintenance tips and reminders to protect your RV.


Watch Your Window, Door and Roof Seals

A common problem with RV’s is moisture leaking into the vehicle through faulty weather stripping and seals. Seals naturally degrade over time – and some brands are notorious for not using great seals to begin with. When seals start to break down, they allow water to seep in, damaging surfaces and promoting mold. Check seals around windows and doors every three months to ensure a snug fit and no deterioration. Doesn’t hurt to check the roof seals every six months or so as well. Keep an eye out for any cracks, loose pieces, water stains, etc. Even small cracks can allow water to get it.


Run Your Generator

Letting your generator sit unused for too long could cause you to replace it years before you should. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days. After that time, it can start to break down and damage your generator’s internal components. You have to “keep it flowing” for lack of a better phrase. To do so, it’s recommended that you run your generator two hours a month around 50% load. This will keep it primed and ready. Failure to do so can cause your carburetor to varnish, preventing fuel from effectively powering the generator. There’s no reasonable way to clean it, so you may end up having to replace it, which needless to say will be costly.


Open the Vents

Not all RV maintenance tips need to ask for your hard earned dollars. During times when your RV sits unused over the summer, the temperature inside can exceed 130 degrees depending on your location. That kind of heat causes even the toughest materials to break down and fail over time. Wall coverings, seals, seams, flooring, among other items will slowly deteriorate and cause sooner than needed repair headaches.  Keeping your RV vents open promotes air flow through the vehicle and keeps the temperature down. Make sure your exterior vents are covered, however, to avoid rain water making its way inside. If you can find a covered area to store your RV when not in use, it will mean wonders for the lifespan of your RV.


RV Maintenance Tips Orovilla, CA

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