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Lake Oroville is located 5 miles northeast of the city of Oroville (within Lake Oroville State Recreation Area), west of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Nestled between the Sierra Foothills and the Sacramento Valley, Lake Oroville is refreshed by the constant flow of the Feather River.  Lake Oroville is often kept well below safe overflow levels to help ensure the safety of the dam; however, there are several surrounding forebays which are typically full and provide excellent fishing, in addition to the Feather Rivers legendary Salmon fishing.

Interesting Local History: The Lake Oroville Dam first opened in 1968, after 7 years of construction.  Built directly into the flowing Feather River, it was believed the location was an exstinct fault line.  However, overfilling in the early 70’s lead to a minor reactivation of the small fault line.  Though no significant incidents have occurred, the pioneering efforts of this type of dam lead to a complete cessation of work on what would have been the Sacramento Valley Dam.  The Site of the Sacramento Valley Dam also has a little fame!  xXx was filmed with the main actor jumping a car off the bridge (Foresthill/Auburn Bridge) while other minor media attention has filmed X-Sports stars base/para-jumping off the bridge -which is one of the 10 tallest bridges in the nation-

The Dam also provides Hydro-Electric power to surrounding area’s and remains the Hub of irrigation control for the vast agricultural industry which keeps Oroville on the economic map.  Oroville Dam also provides a large amount of water, annually, to the California Water Aqueduct system which feed as far south as the San Joaquin Valley Water Way.


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